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I & II Timothy / Titus / Philemon for Beginners

I & II Timothy / Titus / Philemon for Beginners

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A USB drive with the videos (mp4), audio (mp3) and student workbook (pdf) loaded on it for the series:

  • I Timothy for Beginners
  • II Timothy for Beginners
  • Titus for Beginners
  • Philemon for Beginners

The two letters that the Apostle Paul wrote to the young evangelist, Timothy, provided him with clear instructions for the divinely ordained way the church of the New Testament was to organize and function not only in the first century but throughout history to this day and beyond.

Although this is a second letter sent by Paul to the young evangelist, Timothy, the tone and circumstances of this communication could not be more different. Commonly regarded as Paul's last epistle, Paul's final letter summarizes his most important teachings and bids a touching farewell to a trusted and loved disciple.

Paul's letter to Titus is focused on preparing leaders to accurately teach the church and recognize the type of results this should produce.

This one chapter epistle addresses the issue of slavery which was common in the Roman Empire of the first century.

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